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Who May Apply

We are looking for New Edupreneurs / Women Edupreneurs as an Individual or in partnership capacity with passion for education, strong financial back up, a good network of people and zeal high in life and wanting to stand out in life may tie-up with us as one of our Unit Franchisee of “VAATSALYA KIDS”


We are looking for Unit Franchise partners who are ready and willing to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship to take the ownership of a franchise and grow with us. Existing Training centers/ Coaching Institutes/ Educational Institutions may collaborate with us to become a part of “VAATSALYA KIDS” Family.

We strive to run our franchise based on mutual respect and working closely together with our franchisees. We offer a comprehensive preschool package for you looking to set up your own preschool, that includes all aspects of setting up and running a preschool solution including Furnitues, Toys , Integrated Curriculum, Marketing help, Material, training, Tools & Toys, Teacher Training and a child assessment and evaluation and more to ensure they can run a good preschool under “VAATSALYA KIDS”brand name. When everything is available through our solution where you can run a successful preschool / play school of your own, there is no need to pay substantial amounts as royalties in the future. With the “VAATSALYA KIDS” package, you will be completely empowered to run a premium state of the art preschool of your own which will save you substantially in terms of Return on Investment due to no royalty* & franchise fees payments.