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Support System

VAATSALYA KIDS Franchises gets 24*7 support system and guidance which no other school is giving in today’s date. Everything is system bound and our support system goes deep down the level to assist you with your problems and resolves it with practical solutions whether its related to finding a place or setting up your centre or running the centre.

We do quarterly meeting with our franchises, District Franchise & Master Franchise to constant update and upgrade our support system based on the feedback received.

VAATSALYA KIDS provides the following Support :

Interior / Exterior Support

  1. Interior Designing (e.g. Wall ceiling, furniture, floor, etc.)
  2. Paint & Designs
  3. Complete guidance on furniture/ fixtures.
  4. Complete supports on Toys and study material
  5. Ensure minimum wastage of materials.

Recruitment & Training Support

  1. We do the recruitment of the staff for the centre.
  2. We give Extensive training to the staff.
  3. We provide manuals (Operational, Counseling, Teacher’s manual) for smooth function.
  4. Training includes :
    1. Business Training (Owner, Partner), Counselors.
    2. Teacher Training

Marketing Support

  1. Guidelines for inauguration and launching of school.
  2. Regular visits by the support staff.
  3. Support in correspondence (Email ID)
  4. All Design Support
  5. Event execution Support
  6. Organizing seminars, business fairs and presentations.

Advertising Support

  1. Local advertisement-layout, planning, conceptualization and implementation.
  2. Nation-wide advertisements through electronic media.

Operational Intelligence

  1. Curriculum & Activities planning
  2. Manpower training.
  3. Competitive Strategy Development.
  4. Improving day-to-day working with automation and IT tools.