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The Curriculum Support

“VAATSALYA KIDS” offers a Preschool Solution with a difference with varied modules that enables you to set up and run your own preschool under yo ur ow n brand or upgrade your existing preschool. We are providing a one stop solution which will have Integrated Curriculum, Furniture’s as per child, Educational Materials, Toys as per child, Teacher training programs along with child assessment & evaluation.

We bring you the basic 3 elements which makes our support different from rest of the others :-
  1. A successful preschool, require s a excellence at par curriculum. We provide an integrated curriculum that covers 8 skills of child development. The curriculum focuses on these key areas of child development in the spheres of Socio-Emotional, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Cognitive, Sensorial, Language, Aesthetic & Behavioral Skills. The integrated curriculum has been developed after going through a lot of R&D with inputs from school owners, preschool teachers, parents and others.
  2. Next comes, how the curriculum will be implemented. Since we have the integrated curriculum, which is made based on the books & material supplied. The Day-wise Planner is given which states not only what has to be taught but also specifies on how it has to be taught covering all the 8 child development skills. The integrated curriculum not only gives what needs to be done time-wise and day-wise throughout the year but also gives on how it has to be done which implies that you will not be dependent on the trainer’s.
  3. Last but not the least comes the academic support system which makes your preschool more successful. We support you in terms of training of trainers by our academic team which is ongoing process. The trainers at your preschool face a lot of problems in the initial stage in terms of delivery of the academic and needs to be guided and that’s where our support comes in. We give the virtual & telephonic academic support to your preschool.