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About Vaatsalya kids

Krish Edudare is a company which has been into Education Business for the past Four years and having experience in the education sector for more than 12 years and having only one Head Office in Delhi and Regional Offices and District Offices. Seeing the potential in the education sector and especially into the Preschool Industry, forayed into education sector with the Brand "VAATSALYA KIDS". Today its having more than 90+ plus preschool pan India.

"VAATSALYA KIDS" is a Brand providing ONE STOP PRESCHOOL SOLUTIONS for all those who want to be First Time / Existing Edu-Entrepreneurs for Preschool Business. We are a team of highly and experienced professionals who have taken the initiative to provide unparalleled high quality services. With over 12 years of experience in education industry we have a clear understanding of the requirements of the child, teachers and management. We create a “Second Home” for the kids, where they can feel safe, secured, explore, discover and learn more about this world. We make sure that they get the best while they are on the quest to learn the foundation of their life and personality. We bring in our latest and innovative technological approaches to communicate with our children & parents.

We are providing all knowledge, technique, know-how, Materials and Tools & Toys as per need and Recruitment & Training to open a Preschool without any hefty Licence Fee. Along with this we also provide you other courses which you can run after your preschool and make you earn revenue throughout the day, 365 days. We use unique teaching methodology like Smart Kit, Kids friendly software to encourage children to become responsible and independent with a sense of moral responsibility and self- discipline, in a short span of time.

We under the brand name of "VAATSALYA KIDS" we offer a comprehensive preschool package for Edu-Entrepreneurs looking to set up their preschool under our brand, that includes all aspects of setting up and running a preschool solution including a integrated curriculum, Material, Tools & Toys, Teacher Training and a child assessment and evaluation.